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Hosted by Elisabeth Rohm. Narrated by Eric Roberts. A podcast featuring more than 10,000 never-before-seen intimate personal letters and journal entries, hundreds of hours of private phone recordings and excerpts from unpublished autobiographies written by America’s most notorious serial killers. In Season One of Killer’s Vault, Law & Order star Elisabeth Rohm and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts, take us inside the minds of the most brutal serial killers the world has ever known. Gerard Schaefer, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, David Alan Gore, and Toolbox Killers Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris reveal their disturbing childhood memories, the thrill of taking lives, and their desire to kill again. Through their insightful letters, journal entries and phone recordings, these serial killers share their deepest and darkest secrets, fears, compulsions, while also revealing facts and clues about their gruesome and beyond macabre murders and crimes. Examining this archived and carefully curated collection for the first time, Elisabeth will speak with experts in forensics, psychology, criminology as well as the original investigators that will shed new light on the cases and into the twisted minds of these remorseless killers.

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