People: Jillian Michaels Is Finally Pain-Free 2 Years After Freak Accident and Spinal Injury: ‘I Made Mistakes’

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Jillian Michaels isn’t going to let anything slow her down — not even the slip-and-fall spinal injury she sustained in the spring of 2022

Two years later, the fitness trainer is doing better than ever: Michaels, 50, has made a “full recovery,” she tells PEOPLE, and she’s made a few lifestyle modifications to keep her feeling happy and healthy. 

“I’ve made adjustments to every aspect of my life and it actually improves my overall health. What I mean by that is I don’t sit hardly ever, if possible. I have a little treadmill, like a walk pad. I got it on Amazon and I just walk at 1.7 miles an hour while I work at my computer. I take my phone calls walking around either on my walking pad or outside or on the step mill,” says the Keeping It Real podcast host. 

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