Variety – ‘Pose’ Star Angelica Ross to Launch ‘N.O.W.’ Podcast With Crossover Media Group

Angelica Ross has teamed with Crossover Media Group to launch her own podcast, Variety has learned.

“N.O.W – No Opportunity Wasted with Angelica Ross” will see Ross conduct interviews with celebrities and everyday people. Guests for the show will include Billy Porter, Dawn Richard, Sara Ramirez, Marianne Williamson, and R.K Russell.

“Everything I have ever done has led me to ‘N.O.W.,’” Ross said in a statement. “We are in such a critical point in the history of humanity and way too many people are afraid to speak up. With this podcast I am taking responsibility which we Buddhist define as ‘the ability to respond.’ I have spoken with current and former Presidents, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, faculty and staff of Ivy League schools as well as people who are unhoused, unemployed, formerly incarcerated, newly diagnosed with cancer or HIV, and have been able to get them all to see the power and value in their lived experience. Each episode I get to talk with people from all backgrounds who all have had their own challenges and share with us how they overcame the challenge and made the most out of the opportunity.”

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