The Huddle with Monica D. Livingston

Welcome to my new podcast, The Huddle with Monica D. Livingston. I named the show The Huddle (with Monica D. Livingston because some of the greatest life lessons I learned happened in football huddles. Those huddles were a time to come together to ..strategize and execute . What if I could turn those lessons into a show.. a place where people could come to do the same.. share ..learn if the show could spark creativity .. support a crazy trick play.. a place where we all could grow and score regardless if their HUDDLE was on a court, field or staff meeting .. that is what the huddle is about.. each week I will bring you guest that will serve as our Team Captain as they lead us through the play calling that got them to where they are today.. now they aren’t just going to share the touchdowns … we cant have victories without defeat.. they are going to share it ALL.. the hope is that you are entertained and find value in the guest stories. So Huddle up !

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