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The Daily Centrist

PRESS RELEASE 02-12-2019

Recent Gallup polling indicates that 31% of Americans identify as Democrat, 24% as Republican, and 42% as Independent. And a wide majority of U.S. millennials — 71% — say that a third major political party is needed, per a recent NBC News/GenForward poll.

While there are no shortages of news & opinion destinations serving the interests of the far left and far right, there has — until now — been little available to appeal to those who identify in the middle: the center-right and the center-left of the political spectrum.


That is about to change with the launch of a new multi-media platform, The Daily Centrist (, a news & opinion destination crafted to serve the wide plurality of Americans who identify as political independents and the even larger numbers who, regardless of party affiliation, can be considered center-right and center-left Americans in search of solutions.


Serving as editor in chief of The Daily Centrist is Rick Ungar, one-time senior political contributor at, political analyst at Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network and a frequent guest on a wide variety of television and radio programs. He recently co-hosted the SiriusXM program “Steele & Ungar” with Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee and current MSNBC political contributor, who is among TheDailyCentrist’s contributors.


“If you like to find company online at the far right or left wings of the political spectrum, you’ve got plenty of places to go,” Ungar said. “But when you look at the data it’s not simply a plurality but really a majority of Americans whose views are in the center-right/center-left bandwidth. We plan to be the water cooler for that great silent majority of Americans who are underserved by political opinion – or attitude – that speaks to their sensibilities. We will offer intelligent, thoughtful, provocative and fun conversation and engagement. And we will scrutinize and criticize commentators, personalities, politicians and candidates who embrace either extreme political pole.”


Created as a joint venture of the Crossover Media Group, 921 Associates, LLC, and Ungar, The Daily Centrist will offer daily columns, blogs, podcasts and video clips from an array of political writers, commentators and experts whose political perspectives reflect the center-right or center-left schools of American political thought.


Production support will be provided by 921 Associates, while advertising sales for The Daily Centrist are provided by Crossover Media Group, a New York and Los Angeles-based cross-platform content-production and advertising-sales firm which, since July 2018, has launched more than a dozen podcasts, radio programs and video-streaming shows featuring personalities from the worlds of politics and sports. Among its political-talk ventures, Crossover Media Group is a partner in the new programming service Political Voices Network, co-founded by award-winning TV news executive David Bohrman.