Agent Stoker

AGENT STOKER is a paranormal thriller – part Raymond Chandler, part Philip K. Dick, and all macabre all the time. AGENT STOKER is the love child of The Shadow and Black Mirror, it’s “The X-Files with a drinking problem.” AGENT STOKER is the tale of a wounded man working for the Night Brigade, tracking data points that might just indicate coming apocalypse. AGENT STOKER is scripted supernatural fiction created by Chris Conner and Brian Nelson (both from Altered Carbon). Release Schedule Episodes 1-3 on November 9th Episodes 4 & 5 on November 16th N/a November 23rd Episodes 6 & 7 on November 30th Episode 8 on December 7th Episodes 9 &1 0 on January 11th The Final 2 Episodes (11 & 12) on January 18th

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